Caire FreeStyle


Caire FreeStyle Comfort Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This new portable oxygen system has an ergonomic shape and is lightweight making it comfortable to wear on the go.

Features: The Freestyle Comfort provides higher oxygen dosages in a small, wearable package.
-Ergonomic, curved shape -Pulse Dose: 1-5 settings -Weight: 5 lbs
-Battery time: Up to 8 hours
-UltraSense Technology; Sensitive breath detection technology ensuring the device doesn’t miss breaths.


-FAA-approved for all commercial air flights and equipped with user
-replaceable batteries, this oxygen concentrator allows you to extend your time away from home.

-Weighing only 5 pounds this lightweight, high flow portable oxygen concentrator provides 5 pulse flow settings; Delivering up to 1050 mL of oxygen per minute.

-With a long battery life and ergonomic design the new Freestyle Comfort is one of the premier portable concentrators available to oxygen users today. The device has optimized comfort with it’s curved shape to help hug the users hip making it more comfortable to wear.

-The device has a Full Colored LCD display showing Oxygen Flow settings and remaining battery charge so you can always monitor your concentrator. The system is available with the standard 4 Hour Battery Pack or the optional 8 Hour Extended Battery.

Battery Duration:
-Setting of 1 – 8 Cell Battery: 8 hours average
-Setting of 2 – 8 Cell Battery: 4 hours average
-Setting of 3 – 8 Cell Battery: 3 hours average
-Setting of 4 – 8 Cell Battery: 2.25 hours average
-Setting of 5 – 8 Cell Battery: 2 hours average

Flow Settings Pulse Dose:
(Settings from 1 – 5)
1 = 210 mL/min
2 = 420 mL/min
3 = 630 mL/min
4= 840 mL/min
5 = 1050 mL/min

Product Specifications:
-Freestyle Comfort Package includes the Freestyle Unit
-Small 8 cell battery
-AC power supply with power cord
-DC power supply (vehicle power cord)
-Carrying bag with shoulder strap
-Cannula and user manual.

  • SKU: AS200

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 32 × 48 in

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  1. ricardolevitico

    Excelente producto y precio.

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